Automated Innovative Energy (AIE) was born to address the needs in infrastructure development across Africa. Automated Innovative Energy (AIE) is a private limited business registered in South Africa. This business is newly formed and has 1 director and 2 shareholders. The business is committed to invest in the development of Africa’s future by providing engineering solutions with integrity and are compliant with the requirements of the countries we operate in.
AIE is committed to be a leader in providing sustainable engineering solutions to infrastructure development in Africa. We seek to engage  governments, utilities, municipalities, industrial sectors, mining sectors, financial sector and capital investors in building a key relationships and structures that support the business
Automation, Innovation and Energy the enhancement of Africa’s future.


Nicholas Muchini

There is a strong relationship between economic growth and the proliferation of energy and civil works in the economy. The main source of economic growth “energy” is electricity generation and distribution. Our hearts cry out for African economic development, and that is why we deliver power to the people.

Through our guiding principles we will, “Automate” which will convert tools to include electrical energy, secondly we will “Innovate” this will deliver new ways of doing things and fi nally we will “Energize” which provides the power for automations and innovations to operate.

We aim to keep our clients delighted with our solutions and will continue to automate, innovate and energize Africa to improve the living conditions of everyone living on the continent.

Business Model

Automated Innovative Energy understands the African business landscape. We have
a diverse set of governments, economic conditions, infrastructure availability and
country cultures across Africa, which make the same business operation in different
locations very different.
Business therefore needs to adapt and be cognizant of each environment and the
specifi c niche requirements of doing business there. AIE has respective experience
in working with locals and connecting diverse business models to ensure timeous
delivery and we have worked to establish lasting relationships which are non-political
and non-affi liation based.
Our business model is built on the back of Competent Project management and exact
quantifi cation of processes to drive specifi c outcomes as required by client on each
project. On top of Project management standards, we thrive in providing frequent
updates that prevent bottle neck situations that can stifl e effi cient service delivery, we
take into account all environmental, resource and human capital challenges faced in
the delivery of our services.